The Creative Project

The Creativity project

The Creativity project is an initiative of Creative Samford. Our aim is to generate a continual online creative community, by providing a monthly stimulus for any artists who are looking for a way to sustain creativity.

Being an artist is all about a consistent creative practice. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and the production of a body of work can be tricky. Artists can often find it difficult to maintain the inspiration to sustain a creative practice. Ideas often prove to be the hardest part and endless procrastination inhibits the making of art. “Practice makes perfect” is true for art too.

This is a great opportunity for non-artists to begin creating a consistent practice or as an extension for practicing artists of any media.  We aim to supply encouragement and stimulus in a non-judgemental supportive environment. We will encourage you to try something new, and push your comfort zone whether that is a new subject, media or approach. Often trying something new is the best way to generate ideas, refresh tired work or provide impetus for continuing practice.

Each month will be themed with either daily activities, weekly or month long creative activities. Participants will be encouraged to produce creative work on a regular basis. Each month will begin with a prompt for an individual daily practice. There will be a project description with ideas and inspiration, regular inducements to help keep focused and quotes or resources to provide motivation. Some months will contain a group challenge or workshop to nurture and cultivate the creative community, and participants may have occasion to exhibit with Creative Samford.

A closed Face book page will provide a safe and supportive environment to share your journey and it will be great to see what everyone else is making.

You can opt to dip in and out at any time, and while we all have constraints and limitations, procrastination can be the death of art practice. However The Creative Project won’t let lack of motivation or inspiration be your justification. Commitment will be essential and only you can provide that.



What is The Creative Project? An online creative community designed to foster, support, nurture, inspire and explore creativity.

What is it for? To provide a supportive community to help those who consider themselves non-artists, early career artists or mid to late career artists to maintain momentum in creative practice and produce bodies of work.

Who can join in? Anyone! If you have a desire to extend your practice, produce a body of work, be inspired, or just want to get started making art.

What does it cost? Creative Samford Inc. is pleased to offer this resource and while it is free to join we would like you to support this and other initiatives by becoming a financial member of Creative Samford Inc.  At

How do I join in? Send an email to  we will send you the monthly project information by email and a link to the face book page.

How often do I have to make something? That will depend on the project. There will be daily exercises at times, completing them is an excellent discipline and part of the creative process. Challenge yourself, as they say practice makes perfect. A project which doesn’t seem like your “thing” will probably turn out to be way more inspiring than you think. Stretching yourself and being outside your comfort zone are often the best ways to extend your creativity.

How do I post on face book? Once admin accepts your ‘join request’ you will be able to post on the private page. No one outside the group can see what you post. Admin will maintain strict rules around content to provide a safe and supportive environment. Only comments that are positive, encouraging and productive will be welcome. To preserve the tide of the Face book feed you will be invited to submit images of work in progress in the comments section of each relevant post. At times we might share a post to the Creative Samford Face book page, which is public, to promote the group, an exhibit, workshop or event.

How often do I have to post something?  This depends on the project and your time; you don’t have to post everything you make, so it might be the best of your week or month. Being part of the community is part of the process.

I don’t use Face book? If you wish to have an image uploaded you can email images to please note the admin will post images when they have time, if you use this method. We can also assist you to get a private profile on Face book.

Do I have to show my work on line? If you would like to take part but not necessarily show your work to the group that’s fine too. The impetus behind the project is to provide inspiration and support and if you aren’t comfortable showing your work that’s totally ok. We hope with time you will be. This is a non-judgemental forum

Do I have to exhibit the work? Not if you don’t want to. But exhibiting is part of the creative process and can provide great feedback and sense of achievement

Please go to our facebook page to what members have been up to.