Tatiana Afonina

Tatiana Afonina is a Moreton Bay based artist trading as an A.T.Artstudio,  who works mostly with oils and acrylics. She has had a passion for creativity since she was old enough to hold a brush and enter her first art school exhibition.

Being well-travelled and having met various interesting people with different backgrounds, her art has been greatly influenced by these experiences. In recent times, Tatiana has chosen to return her artistic focus to being an expression of her inner voice and translating her life’s journal in a positive and loving way. She approaches her art with sincerity and believes, “it’s very important to bring a little bit of love to peoples’ lives.”

Tatiana uses the medium of acrylic to build texture and oils to create depth and air. She loves to play with lines which bring movement and energy. Musical vibes often inspire her art as does the beauty of nature and the human body. “Often parts of a painting are done by following wherever my intuition leads me, adding layers and discovering where the journey will end.”

When not immersed in growing and honing her skills as an artist, you’ll find Tatiana with her husband and friends swimming in the ocean or walking through nature, absorbing more inspiration.

Contact details:
Instagram: @a.t.artstudio