Stella Danalis

Informed by a strong design aesthetic, Stella’s current art practice explores the pictorial language of geometric abstraction. The purity of geometric form offers her an avenue in which she can embrace her passion for colour, form and composition without the restraints of a brief or conceptual context. She lets geometric narratives unfold between colours and shapes.

As a graphic designer, illustrator and artist with 30 years experience, Stella has had the opportunity to find creative expression within a variety of industries such as graphic design, advertising, publishing, education and the visual arts.

Stella’s graphic eye has brought publications, novels, posters, packaging, advertisements and brand identities to life. Her children’s picture books have been nominated for children’s picture book of the year and published in a number of languages and her illustrations have featured in many of Australia’s top magazines and newspapers. Stella’s work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and published in Australian and International journals. She has also had the opportunity to pass on her knowledge and passion to others as a lecturer at Griffith University. Stella’s dedication to the creative process has seen her receive over 100 awards and honors for her work.

As an artist, Stella continues to utililise various media including collage, painting, drawing and 3D constructions. Stella received her Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Queensland College of Art | Griffith University in 1989 as well as a Diploma of Arts prior in 1986

Stella’s work is held in private and public collections throughout Australia.

Mediums and/or surfaces used:
Acrylic, Oils, Collage, Drawing, 3D, Mixed Media, Computer Generated Imagery;
Canvas, Linen, Paper, Wood

Contact details:
0413 231 769 |
instagram | facebook | linkedin