Rachael King

Rachael is a graphic designer with a special interest in surface design for textiles. A return to study in 2014, along with reviving her childhood passion for painting lead her to develop her first portfolio of pattern designs. Rachael is drawn to bright, saturated colour in mostly floral themes yet loves the innocence and whimsy of children’s prints as well.  The bold, bright colours of her natural surroundings are reflected in the elements she paints using watercolour paints and inks. A keen learner and experimenter, Rachael is influenced by trends and new techniques, both in painting, fibre art and the digital world.

Mediums/ surfaces used:

Painting: Watercolour, gouche.

Fibre Arts: tyvek, acrylics, cotton.

Computing programs: Illlustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

Contact Details:

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