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Jenni Meek

Having enjoyed art at school and many crafts in the intervening years, my passion for art has only been reignited in the last 10 or so years. While having no formal training, I have attended art classes with several local artists as well as  several workshops in acrylic inks and watercolours. I enjoy mixing up the techniques that I have learnt and adding different mediums and objects. The inspirations for my work comes from the multitude of patterns and colours in nature.
I use a bright colour palette and aim for my paintings to be colourful and uplifting to the viewer. Being a medical scientist by trade I do like accurate representations and the fine details in nature, but have been challenging myself to be looser and more abstract with my work.

Mediums and/or surfaces used:

I mostly work with acrylic inks or paints on canvas and use different media and objects – beads, wool, textured paper, stitching to add to the textures and depths in the paintings. Some of my work is encaustic – painting with wax and again using additional objects.

Contact details:

0427 129 249 |