Gaetano Moschella

Born in Italy and currently residing in Samford area QLD.
Gaetano is a wood turner who works with exhibition grade timbers to the world craft industries.
Gaetano only sources fine timbers to be used in combination with his coloured resin art. He has developed his own style with unique vessels, vases, urns and bowls.
Gaetano has exhibited since 2012. His work can now be viewed and bought at Bungendore Woodworks Gallery near Canberra NSW.
Gaetano enjoys creating with wood and resin and seeing his ideas turn into truly unique works of art.
His works are highly sought after for the discerning buyer. He will do work by commission. His work has been in Artists Palette magazine.

Gaetano, along with his wife Diane Kime, now have their own studio, Dinkidi Australia, open to the public.

Mediums/ surfaces used:

Gaetano works with a wide variety of wood and incorporates coloured resin.

Contact Details:

0419 448 999 |