Dennis Arnold

I am a retired academic scientist whose research career involved the chemistry of pigments related to the iconic phthalocyanine class of artists’ colours. In my retirement, the hobby of oil painting has developed into a more serious endeavour, naturally with an emphasis on colours and their use to model shapes and depth, and evoke emotional responses in the viewer. My paintings range from detailed botanicals to urban and natural landscapes, and faithful portraits to geometric abstracts, usually in a smoothly finished and fairly literal style. My personal tastes are very broad, from Dutch old masters to 20th century modernists: landscapes, portraits and abstracts.

Although I am largely self-taught, I completed two painting courses at the Brisbane Institute of Art. My wife Jan and I are dedicated art tourists, having explored visual art representing many centuries in major galleries and museums in many major world cities, as well as all around Australia.

I am a member of Creative Samford Inc., Moreton Bay Arts Council and Samford Area Men’s Shed Art Group. I exhibited as an individual artist in the Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studios 2017-2019. My work is available on Bluethumb online gallery.

Mediums and/or surfaces used:

Oils and occasionally acrylics on canvas or mdf

Contact Details:

0401 605 997 | |