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Bruce Ellem

Born in 1953 with Down Syndrome, Bruce is a sensitive artist who creates colourful and inspirational artworks.

His work is made up of a myriad of shapes and patterns, reflecting lifeforms in his own very unique and distinctive style. The process of completing each work involves a conscientious, almost ritualistic approach, where each line and shape involves a changing of pen until a brilliant feast of colour emerges.

Inspired by the artwork of primitive and indigenous cultures from an early age, he demonstrates an intuitive approach to his drawings. Various themes dominate his work – these include his love of prehistoric and primitive life forms as well as whimsical renderings of creatures of the sea and other animals. Bruce communicates his world through his dynamic and creative artworks with a vision which transcends the norm. He has created, through the symbols he draws, a naïve yet profound language of his own.

Mediums and/or surfaces used:

Pen and Pencil on Paper

Contact details:

C/- Dianne Hodge (Sister/Carer) 0400675098 | c/-