Helen Green

Helen Green has been an artisan, craftswoman and designer/maker for 20 years, working across many mediums from fashion and jewellery through to interior design. Her latest project is designing and crafting sustainable shoes. Made from earth-friendly and locally sourced materials, the shoes are designed for slow fashion lovers. Classically styled, durable, repairable. This project is […]


Sally Halse

Sally enjoys working with leather, different fabrics, beads and an assortment of sewing threads. To achieve this, she layers the materials that she’s working with to create bags and purses. She’s inspired by the physical composition of something as well as the look  of the finished product. Contact Details: email


Samford Art & Craft Association

The Slab Hut sits in a garden setting and features local timbers and recycled corrugated iron.  You will see a wide range of exciting and individual works of art and craft which reflect the diversity of the members, who are there to offer a personalised experience. Contact Details: 3289 3113 Website