Creative Samford Inc. is a local group dedicated to developing a lively, local, creative arts community. This is done by fostering opportunities and activities that bring artists together. We have established an artists’ register of over 200 creative local people in our area – it is growing steadily.

Why not read about our members in the Artist Galleries and see what a diverse collection of creatives we support?

Creative Samford is the home of the local Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail, which was established in June 2015. Our members have to opportunity to not only display their work during the trails, but also come togther for social breakfast gatherings and fundraiser activities. We offer a webpage for individual members of our group who would like one. We want to make our local arts and artists more visible and see Samford and surrounds become renowned as a creative place to visit, do business in and live. We cannot do this without active members! We would love you to join us. Join here: Join

We are grateful to the support of the community and from the various local agencies that help us financially.

We have recently become the recipients of three grants. Without the support of these amazing initiatives, we would be unable to continue as a working group. We are incredibly grateful to have the support of:
QLD State Government: this grant will allow us to print the thousands of pamphlets we produce to promote our Annual Arts Trail

Samford Community Bank – these funds will help us to promote the Arts Trails via signage, an online presence and to hold our Launch Party

Moreton Bay Regional Council  Art Fund – these funds will allow us to submit a Business and Strategic plan to Samford Commons for the long term outlook of our involvement in this initiative plus give us valuable insight into running a going concern


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein